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As we sit, poking the dying embers of 2012, I thought I would spend a few minutes reviewing the winners and losers of the year. For some, Jackpot Hunting has transformed their lives, bring great wealth and happiness. For others, it has bought near misses, lost Jackpots and court appearances...




Adrian and Gillian Bayford - £148 million Euromillion winners

The biggest UK Jackpot winners for 2012, and the second biggest UK winners ever, Adrian and Gillian Bayford decided to tell the world of their huge win in August 2012.  Lots of press pizzazz followed, and if you are wondering whether YOU would go public, you can check out what happened to Adrian and Gillian as the press followed them around over the next few days

Adrian went back to work in his music shop after they had come back from their “Press escape” holiday, and bought a £6 million “Downton Abbey” style mansion in 100 acres. . Adrian later stopped working, as 81% of millionaire lottery winners do. Watch out for more news on what Adie and Gill did next in 2013!


Alacal de Heneres:

In the Spanish 2012 Christmas draw - "El Gordo" or "The Fat One" – a big chunk of the record breaking prize pot of £587 million winged its way to a nondescript suburb of Madrid. A massive £424 million was won in by the residents of Alcala de Henares, with each winner scooping around £320k each.

Among the top-prize winners were 50 former workers at metal parts factory Cametal who had formed a pool to buy tickets. Their company had filed for bankruptcy and ceased paying wages five months ago.


John Orchard – The UK’s Biggest Online Slots Jackpot winner


John Orchard, a job centre worker from Long Sutton in Lincolnshire has won £5.8million after spending just 30p on an online slot machine and became Britain’s biggest internet Slots jackpot after only gambling online a couple of times before.


The Jackpot was won on Dark Knight Slots, which we have been tracking for some months now, and was won on the Butler's Bingo site. The Dark Knight slots game pools the Jackpot from a number of sites, which is why it's Jackpots get so big. The Slots Jackpot win smashes the previous £3.6 million win on Clover Rollover by a Bet365 player.

Other lucky Jackpot Slots winners were a businessman from Birmingham who  won £2.6 million on the Mega Moolah Isis progressive slot. Bored housewife  Lucy Potter who won £1.3 million on Ladbrokes Bingo while waiting for her husband to finish watching Euro2012.    






Or to be more accurate, somebody from Stevenage or Hitchin who lost a Euromillions ticket worth £64 million. The winning EuroMillions numbers on Friday 8th June were 5, 11, 22, 34, 40 and the Lucky Star numbers were 9 and 11. The lucky ticket-holder had until 11pm on Wednesday 5 December 2012 to make a claim and the world’s media focused on the area to see if anybody would claim the ticket at the last minute.


The National Lottery revealed that prizes have previously been claimed on the deadline day - including £2.5m in the Worcester and Malvern area in 2009. Players who believe they may have lost or destroyed their tickets have 30 days from the date of the draw to contact lottery operator Camelot so it can investigate their claim. However as that deadline passed five months ago for this ticket, now onl


Mirlane Wilson and Americo Lopez

Fourteen McDonald’s employees from Baltimore sued  a co-worker for allegedly stealing more than $100 million in lottery winnings from a ticket that the employees say they had purchased together.


The lawsuit claims that 37-year-old Mirlande Wilson (pictured right) bought a winning lottery ticket with the group’s pooled money and then avoided giving them their payouts – even though Wilson never actually claimed the Mega Millions jackpot award. The court case is still ongoing.


In March 2012, Construction worker Americo Lopes won the New Jersey lottery, quit his job and then lied about it, claiming he needed foot surgery. After coming clean to an ex-colleague, he and a few others ganged up on Lopes for not splitting the winnings as promised. The court ordered Lopes to split the prize and give $20million to his co-workers. More infomation.


Lottery Winner convicted of Fraud

Convicted rapist Edward Putman, who won nearly £5 million on the lottery admitted fraudulently claiming around £13,000 in benefits in July 2012. Putman pleaded guilty to two counts of benefit fraud when he appeared at St Albans Magistrates' Court in Hertfordshire.


The 47-year-old continued applying for housing benefit and income support after receiving his windfall in September 2009, even writing letters to the Department for Work and Pensions and his local council claiming he was broke and could not even afford to eat. Mr Putman insisted on anonymity after his Lotto win in September 2009 – fat lot of good that did for him! 

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