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The National Lottery have announced that the price of a lottery ticket will increase by 100% - yes 100% - in September 2103. 


Nearly 5,000 of you have now voted in our Poll, and 90% of you want to keep the price of a lottery ticket at £1. So FindmeaJackpot has created a petition that we will present to the National Lottery - sign it now and make your voice heard! Click on the picture below. 

sign the keep National lottery tickets at £1 petition




So What do you get for the Price hike?


The average Saturday jackpot will increase from around £4.1 million to £5 million and the Wednesday jackpot will increase from an estimated £2.2 million to around £2.5 million.


The prize for matching three numbers will go up from £10 to £25.


Prize money will also be halved to £50,000 if you win five numbers and the bonus ball.


Have Your Say:

How much do YOU think the main Lotto draw ticket should be? 


National Lottery Price increase poll


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 The Results so far

Over 1,000 people have voted in our poll, and the results so far are as follows:


National Lottery Price Increase Latest Poll Results
What price do YOU think Lotto tickets should be?
Keep it at £1 - 100% price hike is too much
Put it up to £1.50 and double the Jackpot
£2 is ok if the prizes are bigger!



What do Camalot have to say about it?

Lotto price increaseOperators Camelot says that this is the first rise since the game was introduced 19 years ago and the extra revenue will mean more cash for charities.


After carrying out research about the game, Camelot UK managing director Andy Duncan said:

"Our players still love Lotto but after 18 years they say they want more from it. We've spoken extensively with them to develop a re-energised game."