Privacy Policy fully accepts the privacy rights of individuals using this web site. Data collected on this site is kept secure.
1. Registration Data
This data is used to enable us to send you e-mail updates for Jackpots, as well as any new features to the site.
2. Contact Information
If you select any of the contact boxes within the marketing area of the registration form, we will use your details to contact you in the event of a query, to send you prizes (where appropriate) or to send you news of products and services we can offer. If you do not select any of these boxes, we will only use your registration details to send you prizes (where appropriate) and will not send you news of products and services we can offer.
At any time you can change this in your personal details, and if you receive any emails from us you will always have the option to unsubscribe so that you will no longer receive them.
3. Cookies
A cookie is a bit of information that your browser stores on your computer at the request of a web server, and passes back to the web server that created the cookie every time you talk to that web server. It is created when a web server asks your client to store it.
Cookies can only contain information that you've already sent to a given web site.
Cookies cannot otherwise discover information about you. A cookie is NOT something that looks at things on your computer, or examines your history or anything like that. There may be other ways that a web server can find out information about you, but these work with or without cookies - they are unrelated.
Cookies are only sent back to the web server that created them (unless your browser has a serious bug). Cookies can't leak information from a site you trust to a site that you don't trust. Cookies only store information and the only site able to retrieve it is the site that created the cookie.
Our sites use cookies for a number of reasons, these are:
· To store information about whether the user has the flash player installed or not
· To store the date and time of you visiting the site. This lets us limit the times a promotional popup appears when you load the site, saving a lot of annoyance.
If at any time, you wish to get rid of these cookies, you can do so by following these instructions on these external sites:
· Internet Explorer
· Mozilla Firefox
· Opera
For all other browsers, please consult your help documentation.
4. Exclusions

We may disclose your Personal Information if we are required to do so by law, or if we believe in good faith that such action is necessary to: (1) comply with any legal process served on us, (2) protect our rights or property. If, in our sole determination, you are found to have cheated or attempted to defraud the Company or any other user of our service in any way including, but not limited to, game manipulation or payment fraud, or if we suspect you of fraudulent payment, including use of stolen bank cards/credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to share this information (together with your identity) with other online gaming sites, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies.